Indian links with terrorism, shocking revelations made by US magazine

India is the new face of terrorism?

Baaghi TV: A United States news source has made shocking revelations pertaining to terrorism claiming that, India is the new face of terrorism, and tops the list of global terrorists.

According to reports, the American magazine Foreign Policy has exposed links between ISIS and India to the world. ISIS and the Indian Nexus declared a global and regional threat. The story of Indian terrorism has historically been hidden from the eyes of the world. India’s extremist policy is a devastating threat.

If left unchecked, this can have far-reaching effects. ISIS’s attack on a prison in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, in August, exacerbated this emerging threat claim Foreign Policy. Reportedly, terrorist attacks across different countries and, Indian patronage, are taking a new turn.

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The recent terrorist attacks by ISIS and the Indian Nexus, particularly the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019, the New Year’s Eve club attack in Turkey in 2017, and the New York and Stockholm attacks in 2012, shocked the world. The Indian hand in planning these attacks is extremely troubling. India’s involvement in terrorism is nothing new, in fact, India is one of the mainstays of the Taliban’s ideology. In Kashmir too, the same elements play a key role.

There is clear evidence of links, sponsorship and involvement of Indian terrorist groups with their sponsorship networks in India / Pakistan / Afghanistan. Earlier, India was involved in terrorist activities only in the South Asian region but, now that is changing. ISIS has been used by religious groups, especially the youth, to promote extremism and terrorist ideology through other countries and international religious movements.

There is clear evidence of Indian terrorist involvement in the fighting in Syria. There is clear evidence that Indian terrorists are fighting alongside ISIS in Afghanistan. As a result of ISIS and Indian nexus, there has been a marked increase in terrorist activities.

Whether it’s an attack on Ataturk Airport or an underground attack on Petersburg. Indian terrorists have taken part in terrorist activities, especially in Afghanistan and Syria. Reportedly, Indian terrorists were involved in the attack on a Sikh shrine in Kabul.

ISIS had also officially announced its terrorist groups in India. The same ISIS group is also involved in Kashmir. The United Nations has also revealed the presence of terrorist groups in Kerala and Karnataka, and Indian nexus terrorists have mentioned ISIS’s six comrades who died in Kashmir in its Al-Bana magazine. There are also revelations of links of a Hindu with Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in 9/11.

Modi has promoted Hindu nationalism In India, which in turn is promoting extremism. There is a danger that more Indians will be involved in regional and global terrorist activities.

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