India’s Defence Minister Speaks Up on Ladakh Border Dispute

No Revelations Made

According to a Baaghi TV report, India has finally broken silence on the Ladakh border dispute between India and China, but has still failed to reveal anything. Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh has said that nothing regarding the Ladakh border dispute with China will be kept in the dark and the government will tell everything at the appropriate time.

Rajnath Singh, who keeps bashing Pakistan, tends to get tongue-tied when it comes to China. He said that right now there is a problem between India and China. Certain persons are asking various questions and it is being asked what is going on between India and China at Ladakh. Announcements regarding this shall be made from time to time.

Rajnath Singh said that there is a constitutional method extant in India. He understands the importance of the opposition in the country. At this time there is a military dialogue going on between India and China. China also wants to solve this problem through dialogue. India also wants a solution on a military and diplomatic level. He wants to tell all the opposition leaders that the central government does not want to keep anyone in the dark regarding this issue. All details shall be revealed at the right time.

It needs to be clear that three days after the border dispute between India and China that started on 5th May at the Valley of Galwan in Ladakh, and later in Nakula in the northeastern region of Sikkim, a severe bitterness arised between the two nations. China had entered Indian-controlled territory in Ladakh and arrested its soldiers, whom it later released.

According to reports by the Indian media, tensions between the armies of both countries have been ongoing since 28 days. Both countries have deployed a heavy amount of weapons and combat vehicles near the border, and the deployment of soldiers at the military posts has been increased.

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