Interesting Discussion between Moms vs Daughters, Freedom and Expression of Technology

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What do mothers and daughters expect today? The debate on freedom of speech and technology has been discussed in the discussion by Baaghi TV.


Parents are of the opinion that freedom of expression has forced daughters of today to leave behind respect for elders. In the fight to express themselves, they do not respect the relatives and/or respect their elders. However, the girls argue that they should have the right to speak up and to express themselves if they are in the right.

The internet has broadened our horizons and given knowledge of right and wrong. Parents say that they have an experience that is not available to the younger generation(s). Girls should also get equal rights like boys and should be equally treated. On the other hand, mothers say that there are also some issues in the house. If the girls do not work at home, will the man do this job after the job?

With regards to technology, Parents say that nowadays children have mobile phones, if we [parents] stop them from using their mobile phones, they say that their interference is disruptive for ‘personal space’. According to the young generation, parents disrupt our privacy that is necessary for us to learn from our own experiences.

Moreover, parents argue that by using cell phones and social media our childrens’ expectations are raised too high so much so that it is harmful for the younger generation. They start to understand that life is perfect and pleasant. Exposure to mobile phones and technology should be within a limit. They should also productively consider the remaining work of life.

The conclusion being that everything should be done moderately. The use of mobiles and technology should not be done excessively so they forget their remaining responsibilities and priorities. They should try and maintain friendship but not at the cost of ignoring relationships.

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