Is Mahira Khan also fed up with the ‘Pawri’ trend?

BaaghiTV: Pakistan’s world-renowned and leading actress Mahira Khan is also fed up with the ‘Pawri’ trend. On media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the ‘Pawri’ trend is gaining fame all over the world.

Internet users and celebrities from all over the world are making their own videos and uploading them on social media platforms, which is now making some people annoyed and bored and are openly expressing their dislike, including Mahira Khan. In this regard, Mahira Khan has posted a funny meme on her Instagram account.

In the said meme, the character of the Hollywood movie ‘Batman’, ‘Robin’ is becoming a part of the trend of saying ‘this is me’, after which Batman slaps him and says ‘shut up’. After watching this Insta Story of Mahira Khan, social media users are guessing that the actress is also fed up with the power trend while some users say that Mahira Khan herself was the first to join this trend and now she is fed up with it.

It should be noted that Mahira Khan had recently posted a video of the party on Instagram with friends in different ways like Dana nir, which also included Momal Sheikh. It may be recalled that a short video went viral on social media recently in which Dinanir Mobin was having a party with her friends in Nathia Gali, northern Pakistan.

People liked Dina nir Mubeen’s style so much that ordinary people, players and artists recreated the video and made hundreds of funny videos and shared them on social media not only in Pakistan but also in India. It is getting more and more viral. Indian actors have also been painted in the colors of ‘Pakistani Party’ and everyone including these artists, including the Indian Police and Bank, is enjoying it. After that, the number of Instagram followers of Dina nir has increased and the famous Dana nir was also specially invited for an interview on V-Channels.

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