Ishtiaq Baig’s compensation claim: Court notice issued to Zohaib Hassan

Sept 15, 2021: Sindh High Court has issued notice to singer Zohaib Hassan, brother of late singer Nazia Hassan, on the defamation claim of Rs 1 billion compensation for Ishtiaq Baig.

According to details, a single bench comprising Justice Syed Hassan Azhar Rizvi heard a defamation claim of Rs 1 billion from Ishtiaq Baig, the husband of deceased singer Nazia Hassan, against her brother Zohaib Hassan. This claim comes after Zohaib Hassan revealed details pertaining to the final days of Nazia’s life and her husband’s alleged role in her deteriorating health as per her own sworn statement made to the UK court authorities at the time. Nazia’s own sworn statement on the matter remains signed by her and stamped and attested by a competent court authority.

During the hearing, the court issued notice to Zohaib Hassan and directed him to give a detailed reply by October 7. The court also restrained singer Zohaib Hassan from speaking on the matter till the next hearing and directed him not to make any statement against Ishtiaq Baig.

It may be recalled that Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, the ex-husband of singer Nazia Hassan, had taken a stand in the claim that Zohaib Hassan made fabricated and false allegations in an interview given to a private TV channel on August 12, 2021. The complainant, Ishtiaq Baig says that Zohaib Hassan made false allegations against him. Baig said Hassan spoke against him in a provocative and insulting manner.

Ishtiaq Baig further said that Zohaib Hassan in his interview has declared Nazia Hassan’s death as unnatural. Baig said Nazia Hassan has been suffering from cancer for a long time. There is a death certificate of British authorities regarding Nazia Hassan’s death. Baig also said Zohaib Hassan is speaking insultingly and contrary to the facts.

The claim in the court demands that Zohaib Hassan should withdraw his statement and apologize and pay one billion rupees as compensation for defamation of Baig’s character.

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