Israeli army claims to have discovered ‘antibiotic’ for coronavirus

Occupied Jerusalem: The occupying Israeli army has claimed that its medical experts have given antibiotics for the coronavirus, after which the disease will be brought under control soon.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the Israeli Biological Research Institute, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, claimed this extraordinary development. “Our medical experts have made significant progress in their efforts to find antibiotics for the coronavirus,” he said.

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Hebrew Channel 7 quoted Bennett as saying that a major breakthrough had been made in the discovery of antibodies to the dangerous virus, COVID-19.

However, the director of the Biological Institute, Professor Samuel Shapiro, was quoted as saying that the phase of preparation of antibodies has been completed, and the institute will continue the feeding process for the time being, then in international companies. Commercial production of antibodies will be allowed.

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He said that, the antibiotic was prepared from the blood samples of the infected patients. Antibodies released from the bodies of infected people have been used.

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