Israel’s new plans from the newly elected US President


Tel Aviv, 8th November: Israel plans to take on a major task from US President-elect Joe Biden, with no reports of danger or frustration with Trump’s departure, Israeli officials claim. 

According to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the new multibillion-dollar project will be an issue that Israel would like to start working on as soon as possible to ensure that it is completed before the next administration leaves office. The relief program is coming to an end in 2027.

The United States currently provides multi 3.8 billion to Israel as part of a military aid program signed in 2016, shortly before President Barack Obama stepped down. While the agreement was signed in 2016, it was only implemented at the end of 2018.

Under the deal, Israel began receiving 3.8 billion in foreign military financing (FMF), including the purchase of fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets in recent years, as well as a stockpile of modern weapons systems. 

Although the 2016 package was intended to provide the largest amount of US military aid to any country, it did include concessions from Israel that vowed not to receive extra money from Congress, which is guaranteed in the annual package. 

The Jerusalem Post says the deal sets out a special arrangement that allows Israel to spend part of its aid on its defence industry instead of on US-made weapons.

The MoU signed in 2016 will expire in 2027. As a result, defence officials say Israel will need to start immediate talks with the incoming administration, which will last at least until January 2025. For which work has begun.

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