“Joe Biden consider yourself warned, any violations of the peace agreement, will lead to war”-Afghan Taliban


KABUL6 February, 2021: Taliban have warned Joe Biden against violating the peace agreement or the consequences will be an all out war. 

According to reports, the Afghan Taliban has denied allegations of violating the agreement, saying that if the new government formed in the United States withdraws from the peace agreement reached in February 2020, then there will be a big war.

According to the international news agency, the Afghan Taliban has warned the US President Joe Biden’s administration to withdraw from the peace agreement, saying that the termination of the agreement will start a big war. The US broadcaster claims that The Afghanistan Study Group had recommended in a report that the new US administration strictly oblige the Afghan Taliban to reduce violence before withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

In its report, the study group warned that if the withdrawal of troops began without forcing the Afghan Taliban to reduce the violence, a civil war could break out in Afghanistan, which could take advantage of al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, the Afghan Taliban, in response to the study group’s report, in a statement published on its website, denied allegations of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement to reduce violence.

On the other hand, US envoy to Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad has said that the United States is carefully reviewing the situation and wants to maintain the peace agreement. The Taliban, in a threatening tone, said that if the United States withdrew from the peace agreement under the pretext of not reducing the violence, then a major war could break out, for which the United States would be held responsible.

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