Joint GREF-UMT Webinar on ‘Shared Economic Recovery’ with Russia


Lahore, 21st September: A third session of the annual webinar on “Shared Economic Recovery” was held in collaboration with GREF and UMT with Russia.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the conversational series of the session involved international experts in collaboration with Golden Ring Economic Forum (GREF) and the University of Management and Technology, (UMT) Lahore.

As reported by Baaghi TV earlier, the first GREF session by UMT was organized with China to improve the economic conditions between the two countries.

Joint GREF-UMT Webinar on ‘Shared Economic Recovery’ with Iran

The second session was held with Iran to improve the agricultural and food requirements if close communication and capacity building is done with sound and easy financial solutions between Pakistan and Iran.

The third interactive session between Pakistan and Russia was graced by:

Chinese Amb. Jing speaks up on Joint GREF-UMT Webinar

Dr Farhat Sarwar, UMT

Mr Hasnain Reza Mirza, President GREF

Lt.Gen. Sikander Afzal HI(M) (Retd.), Chairman GREF

H. E. Mr Mikhail V. Korablin, Trade Representative, Trade Mission of Russian Federation at Islamabad

H. E. Amb. Arif Kamal, Former Ambassador of Pakistan

Dr Irina Nikolayevna Serenko, Head Pakistan Section, Oriental Studies Institute, Academy of Sciences Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia

Mr Sergey Vasiliev, Chairman, Russia – Pakistan Business Council, Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Moscow, Russia

Mr Anton Slinchenko, Director, International Cooperation, Business Russia, Moscow, Russia

Mr Ruslan Aliev, Deputy Trade Representative, Russian Federation Trade Office, Karachi

Dr Ghulam Sammad, Sr. Research Fellow, CAREC Institute, Islamabad

Mr Abid Sherwani, Director General, University of Management & Technology, (UMT) Lahore

Joint GREF-UMT Webinar on Shared Economic Recovery

UMT again managed a successful session regarding collaboration and management of economic goals for golden circle countries.

Click the link below to watch the full video of the Webinar:

The participants were very concerned that economic pressures have increased after the pandemic. The production facilities are under tremendous pressure and a great number of units have closed down or gone to minimum production levels.

The world is changing and collective thinking can only bring about positive notions for the economy.
The Russian speaker highlighted the narrative given by Pakistani Prime Minister to ease out already suffering weak economies and urging world doners to either relax or forgo the interest payments for the loan so that the economy can recover and the countries could get back on their feet and participate in the growth of the economy.
The point was highlighted that we have to rise up and stop blaming each other for political point-scoring or world dominance.
The Pandemic was a world crisis rather than getting stuck in the trivial matter and blaming each other the world has to harmonise and move forward towards the recovery and solutions.
Food supplies construction and tourism are potential areas where instantly the work can be done and the golden circle countries can work together.
The financial system has to be established among countries and the framework is in process.

Golden Ring Economic Forum (GREF) was initiated in 2010. The basic idea is to share economic goals, create harmony, and device an action plan where member countries can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise attained by other member countries.

GREF, Economic Recovery and COVID-19

Initial members of this group are Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. The idea is to create uniformity, ease of operation, and enhance cooperation in different sectors of the economy.

This will boost economic activities and the member countries will benefit when specific help will be rendered by the progressed member country.

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