Journalists Need to Adopt Digital Technology for Climate Smart Reporting

ISLAMABAD, Dec 10 (APP): The Climate Change experts and senior journalists on Thursday said environmental journalists needed to adopt digital technology and efficient use of smart phone gadgets for effective climate smart reporting aimed at educating and sensitizing masses on the pressing issue of ecological degradation.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) organized a first of its kind hybrid seminar on Climate Change Reporting in the Digital Age for training of environmental journalists where participants from Karachi and the federal capital participated in the training session via video link. Speaking on the occasion, Head of Country Office, FNF Birgit Lamm said the journalist fraternity was posed with serious challenges and responsibility towards society owing to credible information sharing as gate keepers of information.

She added that challenges faced by journalists post COVID-19 pandemic would continue to persist where journalists should research more on their area of field for authentic and genuine information and to ensure journalistic ethics in their work. Senior journalists Shabina Faraz, Afia Salam and Fakhar Kakakhel briefed the participants on Climate Change denial and need to unpack fake news, mobile journalism and tool for citizen journalism, how to report on climate change during a pandemic.

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Addressing the participants, Afia Salam it was imperative for environmental journalists to know about the politics and vested interests of groups involved in denying climate change to protect their personal interests at the cost of natural degradation. She added that the journalist should also avoid sharing negative and disinformation without authentication of facts in a news item or post shared at social media.

Fakhar Kakakhel mentioned that the rapidly developing world with latest inventions had transformed the field of journalism and smart phones had further triggered the level of information generation and sharing at various social networking portals. Keeping in view, the rapidly growing information domain the journalist fraternity should keep themselves abreast with modern trends and technology use which was not difficult to master.

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