Justice demands struggle

Justice Indicates equality. Where no one is abused, there is justice.

Those societies become stronger and stronger where people get free and fair justice.
And when there is no justice the decline of societies starts.

Different societies have different principles.

If we talk about our beloved country Pakistan then unfortunately the voices of the poor have deteriorated here. There is a huge difference between rich and poor. The poor are being pushed into the mill of poverty and the rich are living luxurious lives.

As a Pakistani, it is unfortunate for me that the justice system in the country where I live is so weak that the poor are deprived of justice even after spending their life savings. Decisions can be written or can be changed at cheap prices while degrading justice.

The Name of Beauty is Pakistan

In short, after the formation of Pakistan, the country was ruled by the feudal and industrial classes and the country was on the verge of collapse.

The feudal class began to use the law for their own benefit. From this point began the breakdown of the justice system and justice became a joke for the rich and unattainable for the poor.

Today, justice has become a joke in Pakistan. The rulers get their decisions through expensive lawyers.
and the lower class looks helpless in the face of the wealth of the emperors.

If we talk about the justice system of the state of Madinah, then it was an ideal system. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) showed the people by doing justice practically. Once he (SAWW) said:

“I have been sent as a judge among you.”

In this way, there is a great incident of the Mola Ali A.S where he accepted the verdict against himself in an armor case despite the fact that he was on the right path.

But we have forgotten the teachings of our forefathers and strayed from the straight path. We have no such thing as constitution and law. Bribery has become common here.

But we must not give up because the man never gets anything without hard work. Achieving justice is difficult but it is not at all impossible to achieve it only. It takes courage and perseverance.

When a person decides to acquire something and strives for it with all his heart, Allah will surely reward him for his efforts and man will attain it.

The purpose of all this writing is to make you believe that the attainment of justice is a land of thorns, but it is attainable. May Allah help each of us to fight for justice. Ameen.

Our Populist Prime Minister

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