Justice for Private Candidates O levels and A levels

Justice For Private Candidates, O levels and A levels (May/June 2020).

Despite the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the British Council appears to treat its regular and private students differently.

The ongoing discrimination among the regular and private candidates has raised many alarming questions.

Regular candidates who are associated to worthy schools are given the opportunity of assessed grades from their schools, therefore they will not have to give any exams (CAIES) whereas, private candidates’ entries have automatically been withdrawn by British Council and the private candidates are asked to appear in October/ November series, which will ultimately waste one year of A level students and furthermore they will not be able to attend university.

Are these consequences justified?

Even worse is predicted to happen on reasonable grounds, private candidates were told by the British Council that they will treat them like regular candidates, but at the end British Council showed discrimination in their latest statement, this will definitely ruin the morale of highly able candidates. Moreover, the British Council did not accept the ‘Transfer of centre’ for private candidates, which added fire to smoke.

What is the fault of private candidates? Didn't they work hard for these exams?

Rimsha Qasim Contributor

This discrimination by the British Council have shattered the hearts of all the private candidates. It is no secret that private candidates are not taught in schools rather they study from an academy or do self-study which is more complicated, this shows that how severely hardworking these private candidates are who relied their future aspirations on British Council and CAIES.

In such an atmosphere, it is imperative for the concerned authorities to interfere, determine what can reliably be ascertained in the aftermath of the apparent dilemma and private candidates should be informed accordingly.

We appeal to save the future of private candidates.

Rimsha Qasim Contributor

The British Council, can perhaps communicate well enough to convey a sense of having things under control, but not so little that they give the impression that they are downplaying the gravity of the situation.

Help private candidates!

Justice for private candidates!

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