K-Electric raises Rs5.5 per unit in tariff

K-Electric on Thursday mentioned the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to build the power levy by Rs5.499 per unit by virtue of fuel charges change (FCA).

As indicated by the warning, it was told that K-Electric has mentioned an increment of Rs5.182 for the primary quarter of the flow monetary year (July to September) and Rs0.317 for November under FCA.

The administrative power will manage a consultation on January 3 to audit K-Electric’s appeal.

On November 9, the NEPRA had expanded the power levy by Rs2.52 per unit because of FCA for September 2021.

As indicated by a notice, the FCA for September 2021 will be accused of the bill of November 2021, which will be paid by all customer classifications of circulation organizations, aside from the life saver buyers of all the XWDISCOs.

It was likewise uncovered that the Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guarantee (CPPA-G) had mentioned a positive FCA of Rs2.65 per unit.

The Rs2.52 increment will put a weight of Rs40 billion on customers.

Per the notice, the said change will be shown independently in the purchasers’ bills based on units charged to the buyers in the period of September 2021 by the XWDISCOs.

“XWDISCOs will mirror the fuel charges change in regard of September 2021 in the charging month of November 2021,” it had perused.

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