Kangana Ranaut says rapists should be ‘hanged at intersections like Saudi’

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Saturday said there is a need to set an example of strict punishment being taken against those who are found guilty of crimes against women.

“In countries like Saudi Arabia, those who commit crimes against women are hanged to death at intersections. We need to set similar examples here,” Kangana Ranaut said when asked about the solution to atrocities against women, in Bhopal.

Speaking of loopholes in the law & justice system, Ranaut said most victims do not report the crime fearing the harassment they have to face while describing the crime, as the onus of proving it is on the. The files go on for years… and a victim continues to face harassment… whose advantage is taken by culprits as they escape… so there is a need to set 4-5 examples to teach them a lesson who commit atrocities against women.

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