Karachi jail officials sent to prison

Karachi, Oct 12: An anti-terrorism court sentenced 14 officials of the Karachi’s Central Jail to six years in prison.

According to details from Police department all 14 employees of Karachi central jail were charged for showing negligence during the 2017 prison break.

Two under-trial prisoners, Shaikh Muhammad Mumtaz and Muhammad Ahmed Khan sir name Munna, managed to break the lock-up at the Anti-Terrorism Courts’ Judicial Complex on 13 June 2017. These two prisoners were affiliated with the banned terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

The convicts include Assistant Superintendent Ghulam Murtaza, Abdul Rehman Shaikh, Fahim Anwar, Salik Ayaz, and Rafiq Channa. They were all out on bail. Court ordered to arrest them.The police officials arrested them from the court room and have shifted them to jail.

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