#KarachiUniversityIsNotSafe: Harassers get caught

Karachi, 8th October: Action has been taken against harassment of female students at Karachi University.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, an action has been taken against the accused who were involved in harassing female students at Karachi University.

Dr Moeez Khan, Campus Security Advisor, University of Karachi, said that he was sorry for the incident that took place within the premises of Karachi University. The culprits had been identified last night, he informed.

The security adviser said that 7 suspects were arrested during the operation last night. The suspects are aged between 16 and 20 years. The IBA, Karachi University and Rangers are in touch on the incident. The boys are young and the children of the university staff.

Dr Moeez Khan further said that the complainant has been called for identification, the victims have to identify them. Further action will be taken after the identification process is completed.

It is being reported through the Twitter trend #KarachiUniversityIsNotSafe, that the University is not a safe place anymore, anyone can come inside the premises. All kinds of cars and motorcycles go through it. People have made Karachi University a corridor. Nobody stops them from entering the premises. 

It is further reported that the Karachi University does not have street lights, bullies tease girls and mobiles and wallets get snatched.

Baaghi TV  reported earlier that a boy had filed a complaint through social media where he and his female friend were attacked by a group of boys during the night when they were returning to the Karachi University hostel. 

The boy named Shaheer Ali saved his friend and himself from the fatal attack of the gang of boys on motorbikes by running away from the spot.

Ali had reported the incident to the authorities and rangers for quick action to be taken.

We hope that the accused gets punished so that an example can be set for others!

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