Kashmir, ‘A Living Hell’ of Anger and Fear: The New York Times

Nature has endowed Kashmir with incredible beauty and is rightly called as “Paradise on Earth”. A leading international newspaper, The New York Times recently termed Kashmir as “a living hell” of anger and fear.

According to reports, the global media could not remain silent on the ongoing atrocities in occupied Kashmir. US newspaper The New York Times, in it’s report, declared the occupied valley of the world a living hell of anger and fear.

The New York Times writes that Indian troops are stationed on the sidewalk in Srinagar, people are confined to their homes and are scared to leave, moreover, people have lost their rations and are forced to starve. All shops across the valley are closed, ATM machines are empty and all the means of communication are cut off, causing millions of people to lose contact with the outside world.

Talking to a New York newspaper after India’s regular handover of Kashmir, Kashmiris said they were not being allowed to go out to buy essential items, even milk for children was not available.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Srinagar on Friday afternoon to protest peacefully, the newspaper writes. Indian army started firing at protesters chanting slogans of freedom and waving Kashmir flags, which have injured many people.

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  1. Mian J, Tariq says

    Since Modi has become the prime minister of India, discrimination towards minorities in that country has increased. The world should see what Modi did in Gujrat where he was the head of provincial state. I feel strongly UNO is not doing its job what it is supposed to do. If the problem of East Timor can be solved in less than two decades, why can not poor Kashmiris get their right of self determination in more than 7 decades. Is it might is right? If that is the case India should remember the fall down of their fighter jets a few months ago by the much smaller neighboring country Pakistan. I will request the head of UNO to step up and resolve the Kashmir issue according the wishes of Kashmiris and not the way Modi wants.

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