Kashmir will become India’s Vietnam war:Ex Indian SC Judge

Indian Supreme Court’s former Judge Justice Markandey Katju said that India has  the seeds for large-scale guerilla war in occupied Kashmir by stripping the territory of its special status.

Justice Markandey Katju wrote an article in international magazine called The Time.In the article he said “A time comes to speak the truth, and I suppose that time has come and it is I who will have to bell the cat. So here it is: Kashmir will soon become what Vietnam was for the French and the Americans, Afghanistan for the Russians, and Spain for Napoleon.”

Those who are today celebrating over their ‘great victory’ of removing Article 370 will soon wake up to a nightmare once dead bodies of soldiers start coming back in large numbers from Kashmir, like what the Americans saw on the return from Vietnam, he worte in article.

Internet and mobiles technologies are necessity of today lifestyle not a luxury. Depriving a person of these for even one day can make one miserable, so one can imagine the plight of people going without them for almost two months; added to this are the curfews and other restrictions, the former Indian judge wrote.

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