‘Kashmir will become Pakistan’: Rally on Mall Road of Milli Rakshaw Union, strong slogans chanted


The Kashmir rally started from Istanbul Chowk and ended at Assembly Hall Chowk.

The rally of Milli Rakshaw Union started at 11 am. A large number of rickshaw drivers first gathered at the town hall and then rallied on Mall Road. In a rally in solidarity with Kashmiris, a strong protest was held against the ongoing Indian atrocities and terrorism in occupied Kashmir. However, during the rally, strong slogans were chanted by the participants and the slogans of Pakistan will become Mall Road kept echoing.

It should be noted that today, August 5, marks the one year anniversary of the abolition and lockdown of the special status of Occupied Kashmir, on which protests are being held all over the world against Indian terrorism. Protests have been staged in Lahore against the celebration of Exploitation Day.

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