KFC Pakistan CEO honored for ‘world-class’ marketing

Dec 31, 2021: Arabian Business has recently interviewed KFC Pakistan CEO Raza Pirbhai for the brand’s world-class marketing impact to which KFC has mentioned it as an absolute honor to represent the Pakistan market’s success to the world.

A Feel-Good success story of seven years of the brand has been shared that has highlighted the business leaders who put Pakistan on the corporate map. Over the past seven years, the growth of KFC has been phenomenal with the contribution of 109 outlets serving “Finger Lickin Good’ Chicken nationwide.

KFC has become one of the largest food retail brands in the country and the one man, in particular, is behind this successful journey of the brand. KFC Pakistan’s CEO, Raza Pirbhai was appointed in 2014 and since he kick-started a transformation journey with the key focus of people-first culture. He created world-class operations, and tantalise the marketing.

Pirbhai not only worked for maintaining and enhancing the ‘finger-licking good chicken’; however, he also contributed as a champion by taking smart decisions as establishing the brand as a ‘365-days giving company.’

From giving donations through the bucket with a concept of Mitao Bhook to manage all the uncertain situations during the COVID-19 pandemic were shared by Pirbhai where he stand strong and lead the company with more success and growth.

Moreover, Pirbhai believes that KFC Pakistan can further double its business and store volume over the next five years.

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