Khan declared “Man of The Year” by Jordan Institute

Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center named Prime Minister Imran Khan as Man of The Year.

Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center published list of most persuasive muslim personalities in the world.This institute is famous for Islamic research and attached with Royal Al-Bayt Institute in Jordan.

The person behind this selection is Professor S Abdallah Schleifer, a Professor Emeritus of Journalism in the American University in Cairo.

If The Muslim 500 was in print back in 1992 and I was the Chief Editor then, I would have nominated Imran Khan as our Muslim Man of the Year because of his brilliant performance in cricket, which culminated in Pakistan winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup — a sport I have always admired for its combination of elegance and intense competitive play,”

Professor Abdullah Siad.

He said he was impressed with Khan’s charity work also and he acknowledged his contributions to a institutions of cancer patients and research center.He said Khan collected donations and make it happen this is biggest achievement.

“This was his magnificent response to the loss of his mother to cancer in 1985 and given Khan’s extraordinary popularity with Pakistanis both at home as well as among the large number of Pakistani expats – along with his own, no doubt, generous personal contribution — he raised sufficient funds so that by 1994, the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital opened its doors in Lahore whereby 75 percent of its patients receive free-care,” he added.

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