Kim Kardashian has ‘begged’ Kanye to end his White House run


4th August 2020: US socialite and TV personality Kim Kardashian is reportedly against her husband Kanye West running for president.

This might just be a very risky step as the couple was having problems in their 6-year long marriage. They were planning a divorce earlier, and now Kim has asked Kanye to stop his bid to run for president.

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“Kim begged Kanye to stop his presidential thing, to stop talking about their kids at rallies. But he ignored her and instead he went ahead and hired more people . . . and tried to register in more states,” a source told Page Six, adding that Kanye “just won’t stop” in his desire to be POTUS.

When West first confirmed that he was standing for president his wife, Kim Kardashian, seemed to support him. However, later she said that Kanye is suffering from bipolar disorder. And now she wants him to stop his bid to run for president in the future.

Kanye West apologizes to wife Kim Kardashian

West, however, has totally different plans, he wants to stand for president. This decision of his might make him president, but it will cost him the loss of his family.

“This is a nightmare for Kim, she is looking for a way out. But she’s also a nice person and wants to do the best for her kids,” Page Six’s source said.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly taking a private family vacation to try and work things out.

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