Koala specie at risk of endangerment due to chlamydia

Australia: The Koala population is facing a serious threat that experts worry might cause their extinction, Chlamydia virus is a koala’s natural enemy and climate change is making things worse.

This alarming situation is caused by a virus named Chlamydia which not only affects koalas but is also causes a sexually transmitted disease in humans, causing infertility if left untreated. In the case of Koalas however, this virus affects the eyes and causes blindness which later causes painful cyst formation in their reproductive tract that leads to infertility, thereby endangering the survival of their species.
A more alarming thing is that the anti biotic used to treat this disease is now known to cause destruction of koala’s gut, leading them to starve to death as they can’t digest their normal diet of eucalyptus leaves. The spread of this virus is also rapid.
Forest fires are already destroying koala habitats which is already causing a decline in their population and now this disease is making things worse.
Scientists are working on a vaccine to save the koalas before it is too late.
According to wildlife experts if the remaining koala population is not rid if this virus, they will cease to exist inn Australia altogether.
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