Ladakh Clashes: Modi surrendered Indian territory to China, says Rahul Gandhi

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the Modi government is still facing severe criticism from the opposition parties over the killing of Indian soldiers by the Chinese army in Ladakh.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is raining down on the Modi government and constantly making a new statement every day and asking Modi for an answer. Even today, Rahul Gandhi sharply criticized Modi and said that Modi handed over Indian territory to China.

Rahul Gandhi raised the question that if the said land belonged to China then why Indian soldiers were killed there? Second, where have they been killed? Let it be answered and let us know.

A day earlier, Rahul Gandhi had also questioned the disarmament of Indian troops facing China on the LAC. Rahul Gandhi said, “I want to ask who sent the troops unarmed,endangered their lives and who is responsible for this.”

It should be noted that Modi had said in the all-party conference yesterday that China has not entered our territory and China does not have an inch of us.

Tensions between China and India have risen in Ladakh, with India acknowledging that 20 Indian soldiers have been killed, but unconfirmed reports say more than 40 Indian soldiers have been killed. Two more than a dozen are missing, some detained by the Chinese military, including a major.

China decides to release Indian troops after Indian military pleads for talks. China has now decided to release the Indian soldiers, although India has denied that its no soldiers are missing. But now that China has released Indian troops, another Indian lie has been exposed. According to Baaghi TV, analysts say the release of Indian troops by China could ease tensions.

It may be recalled that the border clash between China and India, which started on May 5 in Ladakh’s Gulwan Valley and then in Nikola area of ​​northeastern Sikkim, was followed by bitterness between India and China three days later. The Indian Army entered the area and arrested them, who were later released.

According to Indian media reports, tensions between the Chinese and Indian armies continue, the two countries have delivered a large number of weapons and vehicles near the border, the number of troops in military bases has increased.

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