Leaders Must be Men of Honour and Dignity: Mian Haroon Masood

The red signature ensign is going from guaranteed protection to potential rejection. The UK flag  red ensign no longer guarantees protection of 5 million ships which will leave the UK port to trade every year with 60 million tons of cargo leaving the port. The United Kingdom ruling seas no more. The masters of sea are facing problem after the seizure of Stena Impero. This came about after an Iranian cargo vessel enroute to Syria carrying oil was intercepted and seized thereafter.

The Iranians on the other hand actually took control of this British vessel which was meant to cross through the Strait of Hormuz. The British and Iranians are in desperate straits it seems. This has sparked  off new controversy in the region followed by interminable  acts of sabre-rattling. The British say they might now have the presence of a combined European military in the Gulf for smooth passage of the ships which are aimed to sail through these waters. The Strait of Hormuz now being the target of this nascent adventurism.

In response to President Trumps stern stance on Iranians, Imran Khan categorically told him that Iran should not be mistaken with Iraq. Iran could send ripples across the globe.

The countries and cities replete with Shiites.  You know once it gets started, you can’t stop the avalanche halfway. Lots of blood will be spilt as if not enough has happened already. Imran stood to his ground. He was emphatic about Pakistan. He told them we have lost 70 thousand civilians fighting war on terror. We did it before when President Reagan convinced Pakistan to create the jihadists organizations. These were created by our men of ISI. The Afghans were putting up fierce resistance and the Russians were being repulsed. The Afghans were battle hardy who downed many Russian helicopters with stinger missiles. Provided by the US the history is ruthlessly vindictive. The Russians actually left Afghanistan  SSR defeated armies, the whole of Russia disintegrated.

The question is who stood with the Americans? Or who stood the test of time. Not once but twice. The protracted and long war on terror is again something that Pakistan had to pay a heavy price for. We lost billions and seventy thousand innocent civilians giving away their lives in the name of camaraderie or friendship that we claim with America. Pakistan has proven that there will be no better friend than Pakistan. Actions speak louder than words. In its short history of creation in 70 years. It went to war twice for its ally America. Money, aids or monetary benefits don’t matter at all. They pale in comparison.

It is nothing compared to giving away lives for friends like the America. No plausible explanation for their huge mistrust. In a situation like ours no other country would have gone on this far. Pakistan came farthest for America. I don't see any other country in the world physically putting all eggs in The American basket like we did. What we need is honour and dignity. NOTHING ELSE.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

The bipartisan meeting of the congress men at the pentagon was a step towards creating more trust between the two countries. President Trump has been straight in his answers. We appreciate that.
The presence of all the members from across the divide reminded of Thomas Jefferson. The principal author of the constitution of America. In his maiden presidential address he said, we are all federalists, we are all republicans. We could see a glimpse of that at the pentagon. The first few presidents including Andrew Jackson were from the revolutionary generation. They were the real care takers of their nation. I have my respects for Thomas Jefferson who ran twice for the two presidential terms. He owned Monticello his prestigious abode in Virginia. Unfortunately he died in debt. The articles at his house were put to sale in a short time after he expired and later Monticello itself. These are such great examples we are talking about. They were no aliens. We need to have men of honour and dignity as our leaders. The world would be a much better place to live and friends to trust blindly.


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  1. Adil Jehangir says

    Don’t you think that values have changed.
    Now the men of honor criteria seems void.
    What current values need to be weighed upon?

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