Less is Always Better

Life is all about fun and luxuries but, what if we spend it in a much simpler and easier way; that is minimizing our needs. Starting with our personal belongings we all should minimize, recycle and donate.

The less baggage you carry the less burden you will have. I always prefer and suggest to live a simple, hassle free life with less tensions and pressures, for this, why not begin with our home and personal belongings?

Lets take our kitchen items first, take out all the utensils that you don’t use now or those which are quite old. You might have a certain nostalgic affiliation with some of these things, but unless you take out the old stuff there won’t be any space for the new crockery, cutlery and all. So give away those old kettles, milk and sugar pots, give away those teacups and plates that you’ve been saving for your “if any dinner or a tea party requires those extra cups”, because that never happens so, it will be better if those items get used by a needy person around you.

For example, your maid could require some utensils for her own home, inspite of thinking that you are spoiling her, you should think that you are helping her in some way. Then there are many organizations and NGOs where such items are required on a daily basis, as a girl getting married at an NGO could be given your crockery.

Cut down on the buying of extra furniture and decoration pieces unless you need them or want to replace the old ones. Buy them only when you are ready to give away your old items, don’t stuff your home, keep it neat and simple, easy to maintain and such that you are free to roam about in your house.

Now take a look at your wardrobe, there are many such dresses and shirts that you have not been wearing since a long time and they have just been hanging in there for the sake of filling your cupboard and some being your favorites. They need to be removed and discarded or donated right away. Many of your dresses don’t fit you now but you keep them, thinking that one day you might be able to wear them but if that doesn’t happen in a year or so then it’s high time you discard them.

You can always buy new ones according to your present size. Why not lend it to some one: your sister/brother or a family relative, if not, then your workers or to a poor person. I always have one rule regarding my clothes: the quantity of clothes I give out or donate, is the amount that i am able to buy, or at times end up buying even more.

REMEMBER: How much you give is how much you get rewarded by Allah.

Same goes for your shoes, take out the ones that have been lying around for so long, only to be covered in dust whilst being enclosed in your cupboard. They might be your favorite ones but I don’t think that you will wear them again if you have not worn them for a year or so. You will definitely be buying a new one whenever you find something attractive so why not give out the old pair?


Look around you there are so many people that are without shoes and proper clothes why not dress them in something much more decent and give them something they really need. Money is something you can give out any time but, these small necessities are what matters to those needy people at the moment.

Then there are extra beddings, bed linens, towels, pillows and so much more that you can give out. It’s high time that you part with your old items, think about the needy and destitute, whilst cleaning your house simultaneously.

Keeping in view the storage space in your home do keep it clutter free and immaculate. Articles in your home should be kept less and you should try to create more space to give your home a neat and spic and span look. I always advice to keep one’s home and surroundings in a well kept manner. You and your soul will feel relaxed and neat.

Add love and care to your home, the more there is love the more affection you spread around you and foremost by lending and donating, you are doing your part in creating a society which is less needy and greedy.