Living in the racist world of Trump

American Dream meant respect and prosperity, an ever sought after wish of the ambitious who were deprived of the opportunities but had the current and courage to excel.

It still means the same for the middle class around the world but with a little difference that we are living in an era of a racist world created by Trump and alikes. Symbolic depiction that his world is racist is clearly shown by the recent article “Danièle Obono in the Age of Slavery,” and cover picture published by the French Magazine “Valeurs Actuelles” of Deputy Bono, a black french politician, depicting her the 18th Century chained slave of the Gabonese origin.

This draws the thin line between the humans that a wishful thinking still exists between the communities and this is not for anything positive.

Why I am drawing attention from US to Europe is for the reason that it shows how biased the people have started to turn from one white dominated continent to another and how widespread this division has been created by the politicians and the media for their own vested interest.

America has never been more divided and racist than what it is now, courtesy Mr. Donald Trump. It was America 12 years back once Barak Obama was elected as first black American President. What went wrong in eight years of his presidency that things changed so much that a racist was elected to the presidency?

This divide is not small and Mr. Trump has succeeded in creating so much of divisions in the world that it will now need decades of mending and what we can say is that God Save America but I can tell Mr. Trump that American Dream will stay alive as the people of America are not all that Trump is and he should also not forget that his forefathers also came to US dreaming the same dream, the only difference between them and George Floyd’s forethfaters is that the later’s family was chained and brought to US forcefully to be sold as slaves and they wore the black skin from Africa and his came out of their own choice from Germany and “may” have abrogated the rights of “Aboriginals”.

Some historians need to come out of their bias and put the history straight as enough is enough now and the world has to accept the truth and do the reconciliation.

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