Madhya Pradesh police put notices with skull mark around necks of unvaccinated people

June 10, 2021: In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh’s Niwari district, police are embarrassing residents who have not yet been vaccinated with covid vaccines, with scalpel scars and warning signs hanging around their necks: “Stay away from me.” Has not yet taken its pockets. The operation is part of a “stop-to-stop (remind and stop)” campaign to curb the spread of coyote-19 in the area.

Residents say the administration should ensure adequate supply of the drops before committing atrocities against the public. He said that due to limited supply of vaccines in the district, people could not get vaccinated. It is wrong to blame the public for this, ”said Rudra Pratap Singh, a local resident.

Newari Sub-Divisional Police Officer Santosh Patel justified the campaign. “Since the unlocking process has begun, it is our duty to control the spread of the virus. We are also focusing on maintaining social distance, using masks, and now vaccinations.

 He cited the pandemic and said people should realise their duties to contain a possible third wave. Patel said vaccination is the only way to avoid the third wave. “Our motive is not to humiliate people but to create awareness, we are also honouring people who are getting vaccinated by giving them tri-colour badges.”

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