Man Electrocuted in DHA, Lahore.

Lahore (28th June, 2019): A man in sector-XX, DHA, Lahore got severely burned after he got electrocuted by accidentally touching a 132,000 KV high tension wire.

According to Baaghi TV’s reporter, the victim was trying to fix a hanging vine with a metal wire in it when he accidentally winged the metal wire a little higher then he had expected and it touched the high tension wire causing a huge explosion. At the same time, the victim got seriously burned and due to the explosion the gas meters of the house caught fire that caused a power outage as well.

It has been confirmed by Baaghi TV’s reporter that due to the explosion the neighbors electrical appliances and meters also caught fire and got burned causing damage in the thousands.

The fire Brigade and Rescue 1122 were immediately informed and they arrived in a timely response, which helped neutralize the patient and the situation.

Baaghi TV’s has exclusive report that the injured man has been shifted to the hospital.

Pictured above is the man who got burnt in the accident. He has been transferred to the hospital for further medical assistance.
Photo: Gas meters caught on fire by coming into contact with a high tension wire. Leaving one man injured in the process.
Photo: Meters caught on fire outside a house in Sector-XX, DHA, Lahore.

Photo: The injured being shifted to the hospital for further medical assistance.

Pictured above are rescue personnel who reached in time to provide first aid to those affected by the accident.

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