Man Infected By Killer Plant Fungus In World’s First Case


The first person to be diagnosed with a fungal disease that typically affects plants is a plant mycologist in Kolkata. This, according to the researchers, shows how plant infections can spread to humans when in close contact with plant fungi.

The doctors who are following this case study wrote in a report that was published in the journal Medical Mycology Case Reports that the unnamed infected person is a 61-year-old man, and he went to a hospital in Kolkata after suffering from a hoarse voice, cough, fatigue, and difficulties swallowing for three months.

They explained: “The patient was also facing difficulty swallowing and anorexia for the last three months.”

“He had no history of diabetes, HIV infection, renal disease, any chronic disease, immunosuppressive drug intake, or trauma. The patient, a plant mycologist by profession, had been working with decaying material, mushrooms, and various plant fungi for a long time as part of his research activities.”

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