Man Killed By his Wife and Daughter in Karachi

A woman, identified as Areeba, was arrested on Wednesday for stabbing her father to death in Karachi’s Surjani Town. Her mother, Shama, was taken in custody for being an accomplice to the murder.

Areeba and Shama both confessed to the murder. Areeba said her father Iqbal had tried to rape her and she attacked him in self defence. Shama accused her husband of coming home drunk every night and beating her.

A case was registered against the woman and her mother on Monday by the deceased’s brother Salman.

Areeba called me on Saturday night and said Iqbal is not feeling well, Salman said in a statement to the police.

When I arrived at the house, I saw my brother’s body covered in blood in the bedroom, he said, adding that Shama told him that Iqbal hit her and was injured by the cupboard’s broken mirror.

Salman said the women managed to escape. However, the police later found them and arrested them.

He denied the accusations levelled against his brother and claimed the women killed him so that they could inherit his property. Iqbal was buried on Sunday by his relatives.

The police said they will investigate the murder after the results of the post-mortem examination return.

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