Man Sent to Jail for Chaining Son in Peshawar Tea Shop

Peshawar (27th July, 2019): A father has reportedly been taken into custody by the Peshawar police for chaining his son at his tea shop. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the Peshawar police as arrested a man for keeping his son chained at his tea shop. The Chamkani police station has presented the accused Sardar Khan, to judicial magistrate Hamidulaah Khan. Sardar Khan has thereby, been sentenced to Peshawar jail.

Reportedly, the child has been handed over to family with the promise that such misconduct will not be carried out again.

Sources claim, the father justified his actions against the child stating that the child caused trouble. He also stated at the the time of arrest that he forced his son to work for him. Sardar Khan also added that he has grown tired of his sons mischievous antics since the neighbors are always complaining. He continued to say that he started to tie his son nearly 12 days ago when he started taking the son to the tea shop. He reportedly locked the son up n the evening after returning from work.

Moreover, the Chamkani police station has reportedly made the arrest based on complaints from people who demanded action against the father for locking up the child at the tea shop. Sources further claim, a picture of the incident went viral on social media and citizens demanded relevant action be carried out against the child’s father.


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