Mango Exports the way towards Economic Boom in Pakistan

Karachi (29th July, 2019): Pakistan’s economy continues to remain in decline as economists and change makers attempt to bring it up to par with foreign aid such as the IMF.

According to The Express Tribune, “what if all we had to do to put the country on the right path was to look to the ‘King of Fruits’ rather than ‘friendly allies’”. Pakistan is an agricultural state after all. Given the opportunity to use its maximum potential, Pakistan’s horticulture sector could do wonders for the economy, claim experts, by completely freeing the state from having to lend money from global agencies.

Based on provided statistics, Pakistan’s mango production is at an approximate 1.8 million tonnes from which reportedly 6% is annually exported. Pakistan is known for cultivation of this fruit in parts of Punjab and Sindh, especially the more famous and well loved, Sindhri and Chaunsa that come from the Tando Muhammad Khan and Badin areas. This fruit as rightfully pointed out by The Express Tribune, is considered “The King of Fruits” all over the sub-continent. 

Moreover, based on statistics, Asia is considered to be the primary producer for mangoes, as nearly three-fourth of the worlds mangoes have association with Asia due to their almost divine sweetness.

Mangoes have played a vital role in the history of the world even, as it is believed that the love of mangoes flowed effortlessly between generations during Mughal rule in the sub-continent.

FUN FACT: Renowned poet, Mirza Ghalib was also a great lover of mangoes.

Therefore, it is only right for Pakistan to be the fourth largest producer of the juicy fruit and yet, the state’s economy is seemingly at a standstill.

Reportedly, an official of the Ministry of Commerce told The Express Tribune that Pakistan produces around 1.75 million tons of mangoes each year. In the past, the country was able to export over 100,000 tons of mangoes during 2005-06 and 2012-13, which was around 6% of production. However, the export capacity is a lot more than this, he stressed, adding that Pakistan has ample capacity but lacks capability to export mangoes in greater volumes.

When questioned as to why the country has not been able to boost its exports, the official stated that Pakistan has entered many new markets which is why unfortunately Pakistan has been unable to boost its exports for mangoes.

“Poor quality and lack of will/commitment on the part of exporters to deliver the quality demanded by the international market are some of the factors hindering the growth in mango exports,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that the higher cost of the Hot Water Treatment (HWT), and poor packing are among other factors. According to reports, Ministry of Commerce official stated that the mindset of the exporters needs to be changed for the percentage of Pakistan’s exports to increase. He added, that this can be ensured by first improving the packaging of Pakistan’s mangoes.


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