Maryam Nawaz and Halime Sultan, what’s common in them?

Lahore, 11th November: Pictures taken of the PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif during Gilgit rally are going viral on social media. 

Baaghi TV: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif never fails to impress and amaze with her fashion sense, whether she is in court or addressing a public meeting. Her fashion choice is the best. And sometimes there is a debate on social media about her choice of dresses, where critics are often seen criticizing her.

However, this time Maryam Nawaz’s new look has won the hearts of the fans where she can be seen addressing a large public meeting in Gilgit-Baltistan on Wednesday. Social media users are comparing the look of Maryam Nawaz to that of the Turkish actress Esra Bilgic who plays the role of Halime Sultan in Ertugrul.

Maryam Nawaz can be seen donning a Chitrali hat and an overcoat on her dress, looking ethereal. Throughout her trip, we can see the PML-N leader sporting beautiful local caps in different colours.

Maryam’s photo and videos have gone viral on social media and fans are praising her look while messages of appreciation are also being received from fans on Maryam Nawaz’s social media accounts.

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