Maryam Nawaz Spokesperson thwarts PTI

Lahore, 16th October: If the government tries to make a mess, the government will be responsible, said Maryam Nawaz’s spokesperson.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, Maryam Nawaz’s spokesperson Muhammad Zubair while talking to media in Jati Umra said that in the history of Gujranwala this is the biggest rally.

Muhammad Zubair said that turn off the TV, block the roads, do whatever you want, people will definitely come to listen to the PML-N leader. Preparations for the meeting were underway yesterday, at the feet of the government. The government has begun to falter, do not be afraid of the PM as the present government is about to go.

Mohammad Zubair said that we will have a big rally, people will come in lakhs. He has urged to cover the rally with courage, do not obey the illegal orders of the police.

The spokesperson further alleged that billions of rupees were pocketed in sugar prices, where did that money go, today the government has gone wrong.

Workers have started arriving for the rally. The movement of vehicles is completely closed, citizens are being allowed to pass on foot.

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