Meera admitted to a mental hospital after being declared insane by doctors in US



NEW YORK: Actress Meera faces a difficult situation in America. She has been declared insane in United States and admitted to a mental hospital. 

According to sources, last year in the United States, the actress was caught in the lockdown due to the Corona virus and she had asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan to help her return, but this year also the scandal queen is my new problem. I got stuck.

Actress Meera got stuck in US last year when lockdown was imposed due to covid-19. she had asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan to help her return home.

Now the scandal queen is back with another problem. It has been reported that actress Meera was having a dispute over a transaction with a Pakistani-American citizen. He used his influence to get her to a mental hospital when the doctors said that she is mentally unstable.

American doctors declared the actress crazy and admitted her to the hospital.

On the other hand, in this difficult situation, the mother of actress Meera has appealed to the Prime Minister that the Prime Minister of Pakistan should take action and help her for the return of her daughter. She said Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid should provide justice.


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