Meera and her family attacked by armed men

Meera and her family attacked by armed men #baaghi

Lahore, 16th June: Pakistan’s famous actress Meera has alleged that armed men attacked her and her family in Lahore and threatened to kill them.

According to reports, Meera claimed on national TV on Tuesday that armed men barged into her house in Lahore and threatened to kill her and her family.

According to the actress, she has been receiving death threats from goons who have threatened to take over her family properties.

In the video which is circulating on social media, the ‘Baaji’ actress cries bitterly while reporting about the incident that terrorized her and her family.

Meera tearfully tells, “We want to make Pakistan clean. We visit places like America and Dubai, but tell me where does such a thing happen?”

She further informed that ‘in the middle of the day, armed gunmen and goons entered our house, they beat up my brother and mother. Tell me where does such a thing happen?’

Meera claims that she and her family would hang themselves if anyone can prove that they had forged the property documents. She said that these people are lying and big frauds.

The actress revealed to Dawn Images that those goons wanted to take over their family properties especially her house in DHA Phase 8 in Lahore.

She added that there were eight people who harassed her mother and as soon as she reached the property they threatened to kill her if she stepped forward.

She said that this is not a small thing for people to pick up weapons and arms and barge in other people’s properties.

Meera said that although the goons are in police custody, the main culprit is on the loose. He is still threatening us, hence, it is very important to catch him too.

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