Meesha Shafi files lawsuit of Rs 2Billion against Ali Zafar

She filed lawsuit against the false allegations by Ali on media

Singer Meesha Shafi again filed a lawsuit of Rs 2Billion against the world famous singer Ali Zafar on Wednesday, against the allegations surfaced by Ali Zafar on medial.

She claimed that Ali Zafar had been making false allegations on media for the past two years, damaging her psychologically.

Ali Zafar’s allegations since the last two years damaged her reputation, lawsuit claimed.

Ali Zafar, however, during the press talk claimed that Meesha had been lying throughout and also not obeying the court orders. He also claimed that Meesha just made all the story up to gain attention, fame and money.

She also vowed to appear in court for every hearing.

Meesha Shafi had made allegations on Channo singer that he sexually abused her during rehearsals it the basement of his house. However, the latter along with his wife rejected all allegations and also shared the CCTV camera recording of that time, which showed, nothing happened as per claimed by the accuser. Furthermore, the musicians and other staff present at that time also rejected the accusations.