MNAs demand hygienic conditions at Parliament House, lodges

ISLAMABAD, Dec 5 (APP): Members of National Assembly Thursday demanded of the government to improve conditions of hygiene at Parliament House and Parliament Lodges.

During question hour in the session of the National Assembly, MNAs Shahida Rehmani and Abdul Akbar Chitrali complained of unhealthy and unhygienic conditions at the Parliament House and lodges for members. They fielded questions regarding fresh air and natural light in the Parliament House.

Responding to the members, Parliamentary Secretary for Interior Shaukat Ali said Capital Development Authority (CDA) had conducted a survey regarding oxygen level in the Parliament building and it was found satisfactory.

At the time of designing of air conditioning system of the Parliament House, fresh air was added directly to the air conditioning system which was running continuously and there was no shortage of oxygen in the building and the sunlight was also available in 90 percent of the offices except partitions which were constructed in parking area of the building, he told.

However, he said there was rain seepage due to expansion joints of the building which were being repaired from time to time as and when seepage occurred.

He said that Rs 1126.569 million was spent on maintenance and renovation work of the Parliament building and on pay and allowances of 239 employees of CDA deputed in the Parliament.

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