MoHR campaign on aged person will protect their rights


ISLAMABAD, Oct 08 (APP):In collaboration with the British Council and HelpAge International, Ministry of Human Rights has launched a comprehensive report Tuesday on the status of aged persons titled “Moving from the Margins: Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Older Persons in Pakistan”.

The report highlighted the current situation of the human rights and dynamic condition of the aged persons in the country and the facilities and benefits being provided to them. Report highlighted the targets to be achieved for creating friendly environment for senior citizen by working together in order to improve access to economic opportunities for them.

The report has embarked on Ministry of Human Rights’ campaign on aged-persons, which was in full swing to provide basic health and economic facilities to senior citizens.

Report suggested that there would be systematic identification of the needs of the elderly people. There was need for social security, health insurance, quality of public services, old-age homes and geriatrics units in hospitals etc, the report said.

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