More rain forecast at isolated places

ISLAMABAD, Dec 13 (APP): Rain and thunderstorm, (snowfall over mountain) is expected at isolated places in districts of north Punjab, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir and Islamabad on Saturday.

According to National Weather Forecasting Center here, dense fog is likely to prevail in most plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh during morning hours.

During past 24 hour, Rainh and thunderstorm occurred at scattered places in districts of Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Malakand, Hazara, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir while at isolated places in Nagarparkar, Thatta, Dadu, Sh. Banzirabad, Quetta, Zhob, Khuzdar. Snowfall also occurred in Malamjabba, Murree, Astore, Skardu and Bagrote.

Rainfall (mm) were recorded at Punjab: Narowal 53, Sialkot (City 25, Airport 23), Hafizabad 24, Mangla , Kasur 20, M.B.Din 17, Lahore (Airport 17, City 06), Murree 17, Gujranwala, Jhelum 16, Islamabad (City, Airport 08, Saidupur 06, Bokra, Golra 04), Rawalpindi (Chaklala, Shamsabad 08), Joharabad 07, Chakwal 06, Gujrat, Attock 03, Sindh: Nagarparkar 27, Thatta 04, Dadu 03, Kashmir: Kotli 23, Rawalakot 16, Garhidupatta 13, Muzaffarabad (Airport 13, City 12), Balochistan: Ziarat 16, Muslim Bagh 07, Zhob 05, Mastung 04, Quetta (City 06, Samungli 03), Barkhan, Khuzdar 02, , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Malmjabba 16, Balakot 15, Kakul, Buner 07, Saidu sharif 06, Lower Dir 03, Besham 02, Gilgit Baltistan: Astore 08, Skardu 05, Bagrote 02.

Snowfall (Inch): Malamjabba 11, Murree 05, Astore 03, Skardu 02, Bagrote 01.

Lowest Minimum Temperatures recorded in Bagrote -05°C, Parachinar, Gupis -04°C, Malamjabba, Astore, Astore, Kalam -03°C, Hunza -02°C, Chitral and Murree -01°C.

According to synoptic situation, a westerly wave is affecting most upper parts of the country and will move northeasterly direction during next 24 to 36 hours.


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