Mubasher Lucman on Hybrid War Between Pakistan and India

Lahore, 11th Dec: India cannot cheat the world, in the name of secularism.

According to reports, Pakistan’s senior journalist analyst Mubasher Lucman has made important revelations exposing the Indian face, saying that India should start presenting itself as a secular country.

The controversial law on Kashmir was not resolved when farmers’ protests started. But India is used to taking Pakistan’s name behind everything it does.

As of now, efforts are being made to link farmers’ protests with China and Pakistan. While India never has any evidence of anything. But now India itself has been exposed to conspiring against Pakistan globally and that too with all the evidence.

And the evidence has been presented now, not by Pakistan, but by the European Union. The European Union has revealed in its investigation report that India has been running a systematic campaign based on fake news for the past 15 years. That aimed at protecting India’s interests in the region, maligning Pakistan, misleading the EUROPEAN Union and the UNITED NATIONS to gain its interests.

Mubasher Lucman also disclosed that India has been using the name of 750 media institutions, 10 passive entities and a human rights professor; who died in 2006, to spread fake news and achieve its own objectives.

The operation had spread false news in 119 countries through 750 fax media outlets. And by registering domains of 550 websites, misinformation was spread by creating various news websites, many columns on these websites are incorrectly attributed to the names of European lawmakers and journalists.

Journalists who do not appear to be present are used to name them and anti-Pakistan content is republished from other websites to India.

So this is the real face of India and the hybrid war against Pakistan that it has started.

But now comes the responsibility of the United Nations to take action against India when all the conspiracy has come to light, so that it does try to do it all again.

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