Narendra Modi ‘staged’ Pulwama attack: Dr. Udit Raj

New Delhi: Congress leader Dr, Udit Raj has claimed that the power-hungry Modi government is responsible for the staging and execution of the Pulwama attack that resulted in the deaths of several CPRF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel. 

According to Indian media reports, the Congress leader said that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi could have carried out such an attack on Indian security personnel because he wanted to win the 2019 elections by any means possible. 

Dr. Raj said that Indian PM Modi is a power-hungry man who can do anything to retain his authority. He reportedly said that PM Modi did not respond to the request to evacuate personnel injured in the Pulwama attack adding that had permission been given, the lives of the forty victims could have been spared. 

According to Congress leader Dr. Raj, no one threw stones at or attacked the convoy of the PM however, there was a lot of fuss in this regard.

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It may be recalled that when Indian Prime Minister Modi recently arrived in Bhatinda on a three-day visit to Punjab in connection with the Punjab elections, the Prime Minister was about to fly to Ferozepur by helicopter from the airport, but due to bad weather, he decided to go to Ferozepur by car, when his convoy reached the flyover near Bhatinda bypass, Modi’s convoy was immediately stopped on reports of a procession of farmers coming from the front on the same route.

According to reports, three routes were made for Modi’s convoy. According to the Home Ministry, the route taken by Modi to Ferozepur was reported to Punjab Chief Minister Charan Jait Singh Channy and a local Congress member of the Punjab Assembly. The BJP alleged that the route was reported by the Chief Minister’s Emma Member Assembly, who had instigated farmers to march on the route.

Protesters reportedly also, surrounded a bus carrying BJP workers in the PM’s convoy, which was a few meters away from the PM’s vehicle. The Indian Home Ministry slammed the Punjab government, calling the leak of the PM’s route a unique event in Indian history, and said there was no precedent for such an incident in the past.

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Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Charan Jait Singh Channi said that the Prime Minister decided to deviate from the original route and go to Hussainiwala which is connected to the Pakistani city of Kasur. The Prime Minister had realized that his visit to Punjab would be a flop show so he considered it safe to return under the pretext of security.

It may be recalled that on February 14, 2019, a convoy of 2,500 Central Reserve Police Force personnel in 78 vehicles was passing through National Highway 44 from Jammu to Srinagar. The convoy had left Jammu at around 3.30 pm Indian time and included. The bus was carrying security personnel at Laithpura near Ontipora at about 15:15 Indian time. A Mahindra Scorpio SUV collided with it, the car had explosives. The blast killed at least 40 people and injured several others. The injured were shifted to Army Base Hospital in Srinagar.

The National Investigation Agency had formed a 12-member team with Jammu and Kashmir Police to investigate the attack. Preliminary tests revealed that a car was carrying 300 kg of explosives, which contained 80 kg of RDX (explosives).

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Narendra Modi had said in his Twitter message that the attack on CRPF in Pulwama was illegal. He strongly opposed the unfortunate attack stating that the sacrifice of our bodyguards will not be in vain. The whole country stands shoulder to shoulder with the victims.

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