Natural resources vs. the need for Sustainable economic growth

Despite being rich in all-natural, material, and human resources, why are we suffering from economic problems? This question certainly bothers the conscious and educated Pakistanis to some extent.

China became independent after Pakistan in 1949 and at that time China’s condition was worse, the long war had weakened China’s economy while its infrastructure had been destroyed and thus, China’s reconstruction process was extremely difficult. As difficult as it seemed, no one could have imagined that in just seven decades, China would become the world’s second-largest power, as the country had been embroiled in a 22-year civil war. Industries and the economy suffered the worst, leaving only 15% at the time of China’s independence.

After the victory of the Communist Revolution in China in 1949, the Communists occupied Beijing, after which China began to make astonishing progress. When Pakistan became independent in 1947, our situation was many times better than that of China.

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When not only Pakistan but both Pakistan and India gained independence from British rule, these two countries were not as devastated as other newly independent countries and in many respects were better than other countries.

Allah Almighty has blessed our beloved homeland with all kinds of blessings, the four seasons like summer, winter, autumn, and spring; best agricultural lands; underground freshwater reservoirs; the best canal system in the world; magnificent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the mountains of Balochistan which have vast reserves of precious and rare stones, gold and gas, but why haven’t we developed like China, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the last 74 years?

Why are we forced to borrow loans from international institutions to support our economy? Are we benefiting from the blessings of nature in the right way with honesty and diligence? How is it possible that a country rich in natural resources is stuck in external debt?

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It is not possible to deny the basic economic fact that most of the world’s economy depends on petroleum products and energy resources, but it would not be wrong to say that the world’s economic engine needs petroleum products, but at the same time, the world’s developed countries are trying to get new and affordable resources so that the energy crisis could be eliminated, but our reliance on more traditional methods and resources than new experiments remains a tradition.

Three years have passed since the current government came to power, with representatives pointing out economic growth in the country, though these claims are not false because international organizations are also acknowledging that Pakistan’s economic situation is improving, the real development and prosperity is the constant. Such development is not seen in which the benefits reach the common man directly.

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It is also a fact that many mega projects are running simultaneously in Pakistan, after the completion of which their effects on the national economy will begin to fall. Industrial Complexes should also be built beside these megaprojects, by which China and other countries in the region have made progress.

Unemployment can be overcome and the lives of ordinary citizens can be improved by promoting small and cottage industries. Malaysia, Indonesia, and China have made similar progress. There is no doubt that Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed to changing the lifestyle of ordinary Pakistanis and bringing prosperity to the country.

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