“Naya Pakistan” where all are Equal Citizens

"It's the mindset which needs to be changed": Mian Haroon Masood

20th of July marks one of the greatest days in the history of tribal areas bordering the outer precincts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan.

FATA, the war torn and war ravaged tribal belt is no longer a sanctuary of the oppressed or the tyrants. For far too long this particular area has been a designated no go area. Or had become the Mecca of the rag tag militia. Predominantly the Taliban in control of the area. Madaris sprung up in every nook and cranny. The locals has become subjugates who embraced hardships and challenges of an epic proportion. They were battered and buffeted every now and then.

With ever increasing concerns about the natives it was deemed necessary to merge FATA. Broadly speaking a concerted effort on part of all vital stake holders and the populace did the trick mainly.

The bearded men with bandoliers around them brandishing guns and ammunition who normally came with their blazing guns terrorizing the meek. The gun totting miscreants came with blazing guns much to the horror of the poor souls. They were beaten up, lynched and at times beheaded.

The contemptuous abhorrent acts demanded punitive action.

There was brouhaha and hullabloo, and a greater need to bring peace to this area, for which our valorous jawans of the army spearheaded by lieutenants and young captain’s protected their motherland they rose to the occasion even sacrificed their lives. Then we saw the unthinkable happen FATA was cleansed of all such irritants. The miscreants fled the area finally.

The journey of FATA till it’s merger in to KPK is complete. The dream now being realized. Today Alhamdolilla, 28 lakh voters shall be voting for the first time. 202 candidates have taken a plunge. As I set forth to pen my thoughts I hear no untoward incident from Bajaur to South Waziristan has been reported. We wish the participants a life changing success. Changing history of the tribals and their traditions, all members elect, must be accorded respect and recognition.

Sixteen seats from seven districts are up for grabs. Almost all parties have fielded their candidates, PTI heads the race with its 14 candidates .

Imran Khan’s affinity with people of South Waziristan is attributable to the fact that his mother belonged to that area. It may have different political connotations though. It’s a great day anyways. The area is abuzz with all exciting news and electrifying moments. Matter of a few hours now.

It’s like another Pakistan being carved out on map. A new representative body is going to emerge democratically to represent the very cause of the down trodden or of those who have been long forgotten souls wandering aimlessly in the bygone era. The demographics are no more than vast swaths of arid and desolate wilderness. The voices won’t go unheeded. That’s why I say new Pakistan now on the map.

The sense of belonging to any country is perhaps what gives you a feeling of permanence.

Mian Haroon Masood Political Leader

Our cordoned off borders now with Afghanistan will pave way in the furtherance of bilateral relationing. A matter which hung in the balance since the times immemorial. We are all Pakistanis. Our motherland that we found was founded only on one slogan by Quaid e Azam, there were no divisions on the basis of colour, cast and creed.

Minorities must not be looked down upon. Equal opportunities for all.

Mian Haroon Masood Political Leader

Another absurd video is aired to down play Pakistan for being prejudicial to Qadianis. it was preposterous. Yet another high level conspiracy by Indian agents to down play Pakistan and tarnish our image once again before Imran Khan puts his foot on the land of the pure and home of the brave. He should be wise enough to dispel this slanderous allegation. The responsible men of calibre, the locals, Pakistani who matter should be asked to help wipe off all murkiness before the eagle makes a landing or whichever way it is done.

As for the tribal they are transitioning into a naya Pakistan. It’s the mindset which needs to be changed rather than lowering walls or finishing boundaries.


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