Newly-wed bride dies after consuming ‘lizard-infested milk’ in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD 9th July: A newly-married bride lost her precious life while the groom in question is in extremely critical condition, after they unknowingly consumed lizard-infected milk in their hometown of Jhangi Syedan area, according to reports.
The couple’s neighbours immedietly informed the police and called an ambulance who reached the scene and found a dead lizard floating inside the milk container which had been consumed by the couple. They had gotten married only a few weeks back.
The deceased has been identified as Saima while the other victim, Saddam Hussain, is fighting for his life in hospital.
Meanwhile, the families of the victims do not want an autopsy of the woman, after which it was handed over to them.
On April 5, it was found that as much as 70 per cent of loose milk sold in urban Punjab contains traces of harmful chemicals and bacteria.

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