Nine Easy Steps to Help Kashmir and its People

If you truly want to help Kashmir, here are a few ways!

There is no use of changing display pictures or profile pictures to red blood pictures of Kashmir and Kashmiri Martyrs, unless you really want to help.

If that is the case, instead one must try these following ways:

1. Stop following Indian culture and values: Why do you play Indian songs on weddings and dance on them? Stop this now.

2. The big functions like 7 days of wedding with “fourth” and “seventh” making a part of our wedding culture which basically had two functions only: Nikkah and Reception but, cultural dilemma; Mehndi has been made a part of our functions too.

3. Stop visiting Indian websites. Every single click makes them earn. Stop adding to their economy this way, instead use local websites.

4. Do you know that when you watch Indian movies or songs on YouTube, it also funds them? Then why not boycott by unsubscribing Indian channels.

5. Unfollow Indian celebrities and stars. All Bollywood stars though Muslim, will support their own country for this tyranny. Instead follow your own stars. Remember you make them stars, you can do the same with your own artists.

6. Stop watching Indian films and dramas. We have so many good series regularly aired on own our TV channels. Watch those instead of Indian content.

7. Boycott Hindi Dubbed Cartoon Network or Disney. Instead watch them in original dubbing such as English or other.

8. Stop using Indian brands. Most of the cosmetics in market are Indian manufactured and people trust that more than Pakistani manufactured items. If you don’t want to use Pakistani products, at least don’t go for Indian products.

9. Don’t promote Indian content by feeding them your Pakistani money. India has used its money power against Kashmir and that’s the main and only point we can hit hard to move India and collectively push it back from Kashmir.

You may remember when Israel attacked Palestine, Muslims around the world deactivated their Facebook accounts to show solidarity with Palestinians and to stop Facebook from earning more.
This is how to hit India.

Stand with your forces and government and mutually start the war against India in peaceful way.

Remember! Kashmiris are still waving flag of Pakistan and they expect our support. Don’t leave them in this time when they need us the most.


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