No one to be allowed to challenge writ of govt in Islamabad: Andleeb Abbas

ISLAMABAD, Oct 24 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Parliamentary Secretary on Foreign Affairs Andleeb Abbas Thursday said that no one would be allowed to challenge writ of the government in Islamabad and that it’s the government’s foremost responsibility to protect the life and property of the people.

Talking to private news channel, Andleeb Abbas said opposition’s only aim to sabotage constructive government programs and Kashmir cause, adding, they don’t have a clear vision for the country welfare.
She said Imran Khan’s government was serious about addressing the opposition’s issues and wanted to resolve issue with JUI-F chief in a peaceful manner but they do not want to solve it.
She said that government will provided maximum facilitation to protesters of sit-ins but every thing has some limits.

Andleeb said the system could not be operated as per wishes of opposition, adding, political parties have right to protest, but they won’t be allowed to play havoc with law and order.Those who were found to be violating law would be taken to task, she warned,  JUI-F chief would badly failed in mobilizing public to participate in the Islamabad Dharna, she added.

She said Mulana’s conspiracy against government aimed to divert attention of prevailing situation in the occupied Kashmir but PTI government movement will continue till the liberation of Kashmir.

She further said that with such continued support from Imran Khan’s government , Pakistani nation, God be willing, and the Kashmiris would soon win their freedom from illegal Indian occupation”.

She said the country would overcome the prevailing economic crisis soon and that the PTI government had focused its attention on strengthening institutions through bringing reforms and holding across the board accountability.

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