Nuclear Disarmament & Proxy Wars

United States of America (USA) proclaimed her principles for a role in international arena during Wilson’s era in 1917 because of the Bolshevik revolution and the gory progression of First World War. In essence, it is the year 1917 which is the true anniversary of the beginning of the Cold War (War of Nerves). A brief US-Soviet alliance from 1941-1945 against Nazi Germany was actually an emulation of Second United Front between Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang (1937-1941) to resist Japan. In documentary titled “China’s Forgotten War”, Professor Rana Mitter gives the impression that the massacre of Wola in 1944 was also the depiction of extermination of human race in Nanjing in 1937. The sanguine details of Second World War came to an end after the usage of atomic bombs & in order to save the humanity from the verge of collapse, the UNO was set up for spreading peace and tranquility but on the other side, the screenplay of Cold War emerged with full swing again. A deep glance of various chains of events that unveiled during the war of nerves, reveal that more human beings died in proxies than from the overall deaths caused by atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Several treaties came to light during Cold war era for non-usage and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons like that of CTBT, LTBT (1963), NPT (1968), SALT 1 & SALT 2, TTBT (1974) and INF treaty (1987) etc. After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, P.R. China emerged as a rising star in economic, military and technological amphitheaters and the cold war terminology got a new touch which in fact is a euphemism for the New Great Game. In September 2017, Treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear weapons was put forward for signatories which marked an addition to the similar chain of events that had already happened in the history of mankind. To be frank, the Article 11, Article 26 and Article 47 (1) of the UN charter were enough for mankind to pursue the path of Nuclear Disarmament and peaceful environment but the inhabitants of the various states manufactured more weapons of mass destruction and the proxy wars continued incessantly. The façade of treaties never vanished the implacable hatred that portrayed itself in form of proxies which continue to this day right from the orient to the occident. Millions have suffered in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Myanmar and Libya for economic, political, religious, geographic and strategic reasons. According to Newtonian law, every action has an equal but opposite reaction. In modern world, some people die in action for economic and political reasons while some are killed in reaction for impeding political, economic and sectarian imperialism. There is a Pashto proverb in Pakistan which says……………..

“When Truth comes, Lies have already destroyed millions.”

For those reasons, the mankind should come up with the holding/ adoption of conventions and treaties on proxy wars. The anti-proxy war efforts would be helpful in preventing truculence, apocalyptic scenes and lay a solid ground for maintaining the tranquillus verdure with blooming narcissi in the days to come. The UN should come up with commission/agency for arresting the dreads of proxy wars which is an indispensable clamoring for bringing peace to the millions. As far as the nuclear arms issue is concerned, it has given rise to the nuclear cycle of poverty in some nations due to sanctions, truncated economies and proxy wars/terrorism which are bywords for failed states. In his best seller book Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger has admitted on page 714 that there were many obstacles impeding the policies of linkage and détente. The book further reveals that Surprise attacks made the rounds among echelons of great powers during cold war and the only solution was the “arms control”. For how long, the mankind can control their arms today; this quandary has yet to be answered. Every predicament arouses hope until and unless the propensity for a specific goal either comes true or is lost in pipe dreams. According to one Urdu poet ……..

wo waqt bhi dekha hai tarikh ki garyon ne

Lamhon ne khata ki thi sadyon ne saza paye

“The clocks of history have witnessed those times

For a mistake made in a moment, (we) paid a price for centuries”


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