Online platform to solve issues of Chinese companies set up


Lahore: Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has established an online platform to provide assistance in solving the problems and issues of Chinese companies related with the local policies and repulsive mindset of the regulatory bodies. Mr. Wang Zihai, President PCJCCI during his online address to the Executive Committee of PCJCCI highly hailed the initiative of his chamber for facilitating the foreign investors entered into business partnership with the local entrepreneurs. The meeting was attended by Mr. Ahsan Chaudhry, SVP, Mr. Sarfraz Butt, VP, Mr. Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General and a number of the Executive Committee Members of PCJCCI.

Mr. Wang Zihai, President PCJCCI said that the increasing number of joint ventures between Pakistan and China under CPEC is also confronted with some practical difficulties, which need a quick resolution system. He acknowledged that government of Pakistan had a true cognizance of this issue that has been translated into creation of Alternate Dispute Resolution Courts in Pakistan. He hoped that the collaborative efforts of Pakistan’s government and the PCJCCI will help stabilize the chines investment in Pakistan. He hoped that the online information portal of PCJCCI in this regard would equally be helpful both for local and Chinese investors.

Mr. Ehsan Chaudhry, SVP of PCJCCI assured to look after the interest of investors engaged in the joint ventures under CPEC. He said along with the online platform, PCJCCI would keep on playing proactive role in overcoming the difficulties to be faced in practical implementation of the joint ventures being completed with the foreign collaboration.

Mr. Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General PCJCCI said that the online platform of PCJCCI had displayed information regarding commercial courts for agricultural and industrial cooperation between the two countries, aiming at enhancing bilateral cooperation under CPEC in the two sectors. He further added that, in recent years, a number of states and municipalities have established new commercial courts which are perceived by some to be the building blocks of economic development and global commerce. We are keen to develop such commercial courts in Pakistan which includes those that are designed primarily for domestic disputes and others geared toward international disputes.